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01803 528884

We are a small friendly Preschool based in the Village Hall in Marldon Devon. Our Preschool has been open for over 30 years and we are a member of the Preschool Learning Alliance.

Our setting delivers the Early Years Foundation Stage, which provides relevant learning and development opportunities to meet the diverse needs of all children.

We have a staff of 8, most of whom have had a long association with the group. This is very evident within the group, where there is a strong sense of ‘family and community’.

We provide the children with healthy snacks in our ‘café style’ snack time. The children bring in their lunch boxes, which we store in a fridge during the day.

Our Aims

✓ Happy, safe and ‘family life’ environment.

✓ Excellent relationship between staff, children’s families, local school and village community.

✓ Emphasis on children learning through play.

✓ Strong priority for children to develop their personal and social skills.

✓ Structured sessions to ensure children achieve approved learning outcomes.

✓ Continuous observation and assessments made by the key worker to ensure that all children have full access to the Early Years Foundation Stage. This can also allow for identification of any problems at an early stage.

Opening Times






0845 - 1515

0845 - 1515

0845 - 1515

0845 - 1315

0845 - 1315

The session equipment is laid out prior to 0845 am the staff would be grateful if you would stay in the lobby. Once the 0845 children have arrived the main door is secured.

A member of staff will reopen the main doors at 0915 am for the children starting at this time.


✓ Child Development.

✓ Inclusive Practice.

✓ Keeping Safe.

✓ Health & Well-being.


✓ Respecting Each Other.

✓ Parents as Partners.

✓ Supporting learning.

✓ Key Person.


✓ Observation, Assessment & Planning.

✓ Supporting Every Child.

✓ The Learning Environment.

✓ The Wider Context.


✓ Play & Exploration.

✓ Active Learning.

✓ Creative & Critical Thinking.

✓ Areas of Learning & Development.

✓ During the Early Years Foundation stage these areas of learning will be introduced in ways that are suitable for young children, often through play. Adults in our early years setting will build on children’s existing skills and interests, and on their play activities, in order to help them learn.

Marldon Preschool Playgroup

Marldon Preschool Playgroup

 Marldon Village Hall,

Village Road,

 Marldon, Paignton,


Tel: 01803 528884


Registered charity number: 1035916

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